Healthy Meal Delivery in West Michigan



Hassle Free Meals for Your
Healthy Life

LifeFuel by Vault understands you lead a busy life.  We're here to be your personal chef. Simply choose a meal plan, get from-scratch meals with fresh ingredients locally-sourced from West Michigan farms, and eat. 

Cut out the hassle of grocery shopping, preparing, cooking, and cleaning the kitchen. We have you covered with our weekly meal packages that allow you to take back your evening.





Since 2016, LifeFuel by Vault has delivered on our promise to bring delicious, pre-cooked meals into your daily routine. Our professional chefs and certified dietary manager fuse exceptional flavors with your health goals to bring you a personalized culinary experience.

LifeFuel by Vault makes everything fresh in Grand Rapids. To achieve optimal flavor, our meals are prepared in the tradition of farm-to-table and are cooked with care.