Keeping it "REAL"

Lifefuel is one of the many food companies using the word "real" to describe our food. We like this word because it makes us picture vegetables being harvested from the soil, fruit being plucked from the trees and animals roaming the pastures. You should be able to easily picture where your food came from. This is what real means to us.


Like many words and terms used in the food industry, "real" doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. Let's talk about how food labeling can be both helpful and extremely misleading. 

The FDA does regulate certain food labeling standards to make it simpler for consumers to spot the products they are looking for and avoid unwanted products. A good example of this is the recent mandate for soda companies to list calorie and sugar content on the front label of their cans. This could help many people avoid unnecessary intake of empty calories. Some other terms are a little less helpful. My favorite example is when a product says "reduced fat" or "reduced calorie" or "reduced whatever". This term only means it is 25% less than the original. The problem is there doesn't have to an original version. Confused? For example there can be a reduced fat version of lemon sugar cookies but if you look around there is no non-reduced fat version of said cookies! What?! That is RE-diculous! How do you know they are any better for you?

Here is a helpful list to help you navigate those grocery store aisles with confidence. 

Low Fat- must be 3g or less of fat.

Reduced Fat- total BS

Low Sodium- less than 35mg per 100g or food

Natural- means absolutely nothing

Fresh- BS, ever seen the term fresh frozen...what?!

Gluten-free- this is a really good one because even products which do not contain gluten but are produced in facilities which process wheat, rye or barley can not carry this label

Light- there are about 15 different regulations regarding this word and they are all completely contradictory. Check it out HERE

Healthy- same as light

There are a lot more but my eyes are blurring from trying to read tiny rules and regulations on the FDA official site for food labeling. Sorry guys.

We recommend you stick to the produce and meat sections of the store where food looks like food, ya know the "real" stuff.